Friday, June 17, 2016

Last day in Edinburgh

Not a great picture, but we're finding these signs up around town.
It's our last day in Edinburgh.  (pronounced ed-in-bur-errrrr by the locals)

We took a bus to Holyrood Park, home of Arthur's Seat.  After an abortive attempt at climbing Arthur's Seat, we settled for a walk around the crags.
Imagine, snails everywhere.
Mist view of Edinburgh from the crags of Holyrood Park
We found this 1.5" snail a foot up in a gorse bush!

Lego Kid in his element - running.
This trail ended up being to wet and steep to make it to the top for all but him.

Back to our favorite PieMaker for the yummiest cheap lunch in the city.  Seriously, if you're in Edinburgh check them out.

Another trip to the National Museum of Scotland, this time to see dinosaurs instead of Scottish history.  While it's not worth visiting Edinburgh just for this museum, if you're here it's lovely.
Apparently LEGOs have been around a lot longer than we once knew. 
Mini-figures are hidden in among many of the exhibits. :-D

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I know it's geeky, but I loved this funky radiator. 
This museum is just a neat old building.
ceiling of the National Museum of Scotland

And, of course, it wouldn't be a family holiday if we didn't check out a local game shop.  The Game Hub was a nice place to check out.  We enjoyed our game and drinks, but it still doesn't hold a candle to The Haunted Game Cafe back home.

Excellent lattes and a game of Dixit

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Wildlife of London

Moorhen - look at it's feet!
ablutions of a pelican
 We didn't expect to see any wildlife in London, well except pigeons, and there are a lot of pigeons here, so we were taken by surprise by the variety of birds in St. James Park.
Hot Dog's favorite duck, wish I knew it's name.

Swans with cygnets

babies!  (cygnets)

We enjoyed noticing the many pattern
and color variations on the pigeons.
An unkindess of ravens (Tower of London)

or is it a conspiracy of ravens?
When we asked what it was, a guard said "A thief"
and shooed the bird of prey away.

Kestral at the Tower of London sneaking on of
the raw chicken legs given to a raven

Cars of London


 As much as any wild life, certain members of the family were thrilled with the variety of European cars on the road.
Traditional black taxi

The taxi's come in all colors!
I wasn't fast enough to catch the pink one on camera.

Beauty in London

 Sometimes all you have to do is look - and there it is.
London Eye at sunset

We can see this from our apt. window

from right underneath
zoomed in

While we wait for the elevator, this wall of colored glass makes me happy.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Looks like public breast feeding is a-okay in London

I should give up taking pictures of statures here.  There's so many, it never ever ends.


Peg-legged women only?
All gender restroom - not so hard North Carolina!

I've (obviously) no idea what's going on most of the time.  So, for those who find my ignorance amusing....

Because, apparently, even Londoners can't figure out which side traffic is on
"No Stopping"

Las Vegas advert

I know what they meant, but this made me laugh.

Firelord kept thinking the "i" had been left out.