Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Eating in London

There are more restaurants in London than city blocks.   Our first day we ate at an Indian restaurant across the street.

We've seen halal restaurants everywhere, selling far more than just middle eastern food.

Being us, we've also been eating in.  There are little shops all over selling groceries, but no really big super markets like we're used to.  Across the way, in a single shopping mall there is a Metro Tesco, Iceland, Poundland (like a dollar store, but - pounds), a halal meat shop, an Asian fruit and veggie stand, two different pharmacies, an occasional flea market, and many more little shops and carts.

If only I didn't have to ship it, I would have gotten this rug for you.

We learned the hard way that most of the shops close up around 6.

We saw a Tesco while riding a bus to Greenwich that looked more like the Safeway/King Sooper's/ Albertson's we have at home, but didn't get off the bus to check it out.

99 flake ice-cream - it's a thing

Hot Dog discovers DOUBLE FLAKE!

We've wondered if native Londoner's ever eat in, there are so many good places to eat out.


  1. I read a newspaper article a long time ago that said that more people go into Indian restaurants in London than come out! I suppose they use the back door?! Have you seen any Nando's restaurants? They are a South African offering that is known for it's irreverent and often offensive adverts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R7vu9SuxaQ&list=PLH-adQHXd3lo67s4hRoG1r5AQMXBAkaED&index=1

  2. Nando's!?! There's one right downstairs, maybe for dinner tonight. :-D