Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Date night!

One of the advantages of having older kids is that we can leave them on occasion.  They are happily ensconced in their electronic devices (the apartment having excellent wi-fi), while Firelord and I have a bit of a walkabout.

Our first date night we went back to the George Inn where Bit Boy celebrated his 18th birthday with his first beer.
Firelord ordered me a most excellent cider, but neglected to notice what it was.  Easily rectified with another visit, this time sans children.

Bit Boy's first beer, Guiness, because he's our kid.

It was Aspfall Suffolk cider.
If you really love me, help me find it state side

For our next date we went to Draughts Board Game Cafe.  It had walls of board games, served drinks and food, and was packed even on a Monday night.

See that arch? It's a bridge, with cars going over head.
Londoners know how to use space.

On our way to and from Draughts we walked along this canal.
A little foreshadowing anyone?

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